Häbistav kõnekeel? Uus trend?

Trendid tulevad ja lähevad. Paljud ettevõtted kasutavad häbistavat kõnekeelt mõjutamaks kasutajaid tegema seda, mida nad tegelikult teha ei taha. Rizwan Javaid sattus ühe sellise näite peale, millest on hea õppida, miks häbistavat kõnekeelt mitte kasutada. 

How in the world has shaming users become a marketing trend? Who thinks you can get a positive behavior by insulting users?

A recent article by Katie Meyer and Kim Flaherty on the NNGroup.com blog brought light to this horrible practice. The article identifies the text links that shame users for not taking an action as manipulinks and the practice of making people feel bad for opting out as confirmshaming/declineshaming. Typically these tactics are used within modal windows for newsletter subscriptions. The offer will be in large font along with a sign-up box and a large CTA. At the bottom is the manipulink which puts down the user for not going for the deal. As I read the article on nngroup.com, it reminded me of an experience I had with Hipcamp, a website to help you find campsites, and how they were user-shaming for their newsletter signup just a few months ago. Loe edasi

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