User experience (UX), prototyping and usability testing

How to increase conversion, improve user satisfaction and spend less money on development? These and many other questions will get answered in our practical workshop! 

We will talk about the importance of user experience, what it actually means and how to improve it. We will be doing many practical exercises, that includes creating prototypes and conducting usability testing. 

Our practical workshop average rating is  ⭐ 4.8 (122 ratings)! 

In our workshop you will learn: 

✅ How to create good user experience;
✅ How to be sure that you are creating a product that will be successful before spending a lot of money on development;
✅ How to create user-friendly products;
✅ How to involve users in your product development;
✅ What is the prototype and how to create it;
✅ How to conduct usability testing;
✅ and much more! 


Jaan Margus and Artur Puiste, user experience fans and UX Estonia founders. Read about our experience

Who should participate in this workshop? 

Anyone who is creating products/services and cares about excellent user experience like a product or development managers, designers, IT analyst and many others who are involved in product development. This is an entry-level workshop for everyone who would like to learn about user experience, prototyping and usability testing.

What companies have already participated in our workshop?

LHV Bank AS, Enterprise Estonia (EAS), Andmevara AS, Tallinna Vesi AS, If P&C Insurance AS, Centre of Registers and Information Systems, Playtech, Ministry of Justice, Datel, Mooncascade, Piksel OÜ, Töötukassa, G4S, Eesti Energia, Cybernetica, Government Office of Estonia and many other public and private companies.

Date and time: 

To be announced! 


Väike-Paala 1, Tallinn.
Good access to public transport. 


199.- € + VAT / person

Prices include coffee breaks and delicious lunch! 

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