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Fitlap portal and app UX / UI design

Fitlap is a family meal planner that helps its users to live a healthy lifestyle. Fitlap needed a redesign as it’s portal had many usability problems, and the visual part was outdated also. In addition, Fitlap required an app to provide the best user experience on mobile.

To reinvent Fitlap we needed to understand the users and their behaviour. This is why we started with interviewing the users and exploring the metrics using one of the best tools in the industry, Google Analytics and Hotjar. 

After validating existing problems, we started crafting a new design. To get all important bits and pieces in place we took on UX wireframing followed by creating UI mockups. 

Involving users in the UX/UI design process was very important as we got constant feedback by usability testing prototypes with existing and new Fitlap users. 

In the development phase, before going live, we conducted alpha and beta testing, analysing vital KPIs, surveying and interviewing users. We polished the product in every development phase to meet the business and user goals.

Thanks to our work a solution that users love was born and Fitlap’s revenue is growing strong.

Horticom e-channel UX / UI design

Horticom has been selling horticultural and agricultural goods for over 20 years.

We designed an e-commerce solution for Horticoms business clients. This helped Horticom to switch from taking orders via e-mail and phone to online.

Easy to use solution was born thanks to rapid prototyping and UX testing with the end-users.

Broadcom IT-solutions UX / UI design

Symantec, also known as a father company of Norton Antivirus, which by now has been acquired by Broadcom, provides security products and solutions to protect small, medium, and enterprise businesses from advanced threats, malware, and other cyber attacks.

We were involved in designing a new generation could base cybersecurity platforms like Symantec Endpoint Protection, Workspaces, Time Critical Management etc.

User experience design, user interface design and user research was our main focus in designing easy to use and intuitive solutions for Symantec business clients.

Estonian Parliament website user experience analysis

We uncovered the strengths and weaknesses of the website by analyzing the visitor behaviour, interviewing target audience and usability testing with end-users. All the problems we found also got a solution thanks to our user experience designers. UX design and user research is a cloud-based marketing tool connected to Facebook, Google and other channels that are vital in successful marketing. The core of is an artificial intelligence that helps marketing managers to automate their work by displaying ads that work in the right place and time making successful marketing faster and cheaper.

Our task was to make easy to use for all the marketing managers around the globe. To meet the goal, we conducted usability studies with end-users and designed new solutions for the problem we found.

Playtech software UX / UI design

Playtech is a world-leading online gaming and sports betting software provider.

Playtech invited our UX designers to update the visual design and usability of Playtech system configuration, player management and reporting software that is being used by Playtech clients in USA, Europe, India etc.

Our UX designers analyzed the ease of use of the software, fixed the usability problems and designed the new user interface that met the business and user goals.

Delfi mobile application user experience study

Delfi is a primary internet portal in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania providing daily news. It ranks as one of the most popular websites among Baltic users.

Our user researchers were hired by Delfi to conduct a user experience study among its users in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The insights from interviews, usability testing and surveys uncovered the strengths and things to improve for providing the best news reading experience.

RecruitLab is used by HR managers and recruiters to control and manage the recruitment process.

Our job was to update the user experience and design of the software. Listening to the users’ feedback, having a clear vision from the product owner, and using UX / UI design best practices helped to create a solution that saves about one third from the usual recruitment project time.

Leinonen software UX / UI design

Leinonen is an international accounting and consulting company that has been operating for over 25 years.

Our mission was to design the user interface and experience for the new version of the accountant time management software.

An essential part of the design journey was the qualitative and quantitative satisfaction survey among the users of existing software – this provided vital input for understanding what the pain points and expectations are.

As a result, user-friendly, aesthetically beautiful, simple and convenient business software was created.

User interface and user experience design for Plan Pro software

Planning and management software PlanPro is a versatile tool that allows you to manage and create tasks, company strategies, plans, reports and more.

We were happy to help the PlanPro team with new ideas on how to improve UX / UI of the software. In the course of our work, we redesigned several views to improve the user interface’s ease of use, clarity and navigation.

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We have done over 100 UX projects, just haven’t had time to update the whole portfolio on this page yet. We are focused on making our clients happy, solving UX challenges and helping them grow. If you would like to see more examples of our work, please don’t hesitate to contact us.