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The UX Battle of Banking Websites

We conducted the user experience testing of the three best-known bank websites in Estonia: Swedbank, SEB and LHV. We got a lot of insights about what is perceived well and what needs improvement on these sites.

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How to save up to 40% of your product development resources? Check out the training User-Driven Development and User Experience Testing

You have an idea for a new service or product. You spend much time finding suitable partners, designers, developers to create a webpage or an app. You spend a lot of resources and nerves hoping that the final result is worth it and soon you will be among the The Economist TOP 100 most successful companies. However, you have skipped one crucial step. The step that will save you up to 40% of your total expenditures. User-testing. During our training, we talked in detail on how to create an ideal user experience, how to test it and how to take advantage of the results.

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