Usability testing is a very efficient method to find out the problems users are facing when they are using your service, whether that is a website, mobile application, software etc.

How does it work?

We invite users to our or your office and give them different tasks to complete. We observe how users are behaving and listen to their thoughts.

Usability testing will help you to find out:
  • How users are using your service or a product,
  • What problems user have,
  • How to solve these problems.
We conduct usability testing with 3-5 users, one session lasts about 1-1,5 hours. A number of users and session duration depends on the target group and the purpose of the usability test.

We also setup a live video stream so you can watch in real time how users are using your service. If you want you can also ask questions directly from the users.

We will create a detailed report with findings and suggestions for improvement. As we record every session, you will have access to all the usability testing .

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