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User experience testing

UX testing, aka usability testing, is a very efficient and cost-effective method for finding out what problems do the users face while using your service.

User experience testing also reveals what the strengths of your competitors are and how your service can be better.

This method is suitable for testing websites, portals, apps, self-service solutions, e-shops and other digital environments and also physical products.

How does UX research work?

Recruiting users

First, we quickly define the audience of your service. We will find and recruit the target customers. To get the best picture, it is essential to test with existing and new users.


UX testing can be conducted online or face to face. We give users different tasks and scenarios to do on your website. It is good practice to include the competitor website into the experiment also - this will provide a good comparison.

Identification of problems

By observing the user behaviour and listening to their feedback, we will see the patterns of difficulties that users face while using your service. Please keep in mind that UX testing is not only about finding something new. It’s also about confirming things you already suspect, giving you the confidence to make changes.

Finding solutions

We don't focus only on the problems; we also find working solutions. Our mission is to improve the user experience of the service and make your business grow.