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Customer feedback: A must have course if you want to offer the best service!

Merilin Varsamaa, photo from private collection.
Merilin Varsamaa, Head of Health Technology, Tehnopol Science and Business Park. Photo: Private collection / Tehnopol.

Thank you, Merilin, for participating in the User Experience Design Course and for being willing to share your experience with others.

Why did you decide to participate in the course?
Since in my work I am in constant communication with clients and offer them different values in the form of new projects and activities, it was important to me to get new insights in the development of the customer journey.

How do you evaluate the course structure?
The course was very well-structured and logical. Topics were divided into chapters, and it was easy to get an overview of the duration and content of each topic. The video courses were easy to grasp, and if needed, they could be reviewed.

How do you evaluate the cooperation with the mentor?
The collaboration with the course mentor, Artur, was very smooth. I particularly appreciated the detailed feedback provided for each assignment along with recommendations. This definitely added value to the course for me, as I received personalized feedback and additional support when needed.

How do you feel after completing the course?
I feel that the knowledge I’ve gained will assist me in my future work, and I’m more confident in experimenting with various digital solutions and prototypes.

Would you recommend this course to others?
I highly recommend this course because it can be completed according to your own schedule, the video seminars are engaging and practical. This course is a must-have for people who have direct contact with clients and want to provide the best service!

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