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How to save up to 40% of your product development resources? Check out the training User-Driven Development and User Experience Testing

You have an idea for a new service or product. You spend much time finding suitable partners, designers, developers to create a webpage or an app. You spend a lot of resources and nerves hoping that the final result is worth it and soon you will be among the The Economist TOP 100 most successful companies. However, you have skipped one crucial step. The step that will save you up to 40% of your total expenditures. User-testing. During our training, we talked in detail on how to create an ideal user experience, how to test it and how to take advantage of the results.

To create the excellent user experience, you must do testing

User experience consists of several factors determining what emotion a customer retains when using a product or service. Is the product usable? Is it reliable? Is it actually valuable? According to Peter Morville, 6 factors create value in user experience which are usefulness, desirability, accessibility, credibility, findability, and usability. If any of those factors is forgotten, then the client will most likely have a negative experience that might scare him/her off. It is essential to understand that you are not your client; therefore your initial business idea should be tested on potential clients by using a prototype.

Creating a prototype helps you save time and creates comprehensibility

People believe that user-testing is very complicated and expensive procedure, which should be done only with the most complex and costly projects. In fact, the best results are achieved when testing is carried out by no more than 5 users. It has been proven that 3–5 testers can detect 75–80% of the usability problems. It is important to remember that when you do not test at all, then none of the issues will surface. By using one person to user-test, you will discover one-third of the obstacles that will help you to develop your product or service further.

The user experience test should focus on the most important

The first step is to find out and agree on exactly what is being tested and what the purpose of the test is. If you are the owner of an online store, then it is crucial that your clients can make a purchase without any barriers. Find out if your customers can achieve their goal in a timely and intuitive way, or they have to spend abnormally long time in the online store and do things in an illogical order.

The best results are achieved when testing with the right persona

The right persona is your ideal client representing your most important target audience. To create an effective persona, it is important to know how to define it. It is possible to organize half-day workshops to find out what are the persona’s frustrations, behavioral patterns and to what exactly s/he responds to. If you have tested your product on the ideal target audience, then you will receive utterly different feedback than if you just tested it on a friend or acquaintance.

What is our training like?

Our practical workshop User-Driven Development and User Experience Testing includes full-day training giving you instructions, explanations, experiences that make it easier to create or renew a business. In training, you will learn what user experience is, what are the factors of the user experience and what is their importance, how to create prototypes, what are the different ways to validate ideas on persons and how the testing of an ideal product or service looks like in practice. We will show how to find the persons who will test your product or service. And of course, the training embodies plenty of practical exercises, team-work and countless examples of which to learn. The practices can already be implemented during the workshop on your own product or service.

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