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UX Estonia activities in 2017

We designed, tested, analysed, studied and trained. We helped to create a better user experience both on the web and mobile phone. It was a particularly exciting year! Thank you all! Here is a brief overview of our activities.

Playtech is one of the world’s leading gaming software companies. Playtech’s team asked our help to update their administration interface and make it more user-friendly.

Through the administration interface, Playtech’s customers, mainly large gaming environments, can organise their activities: establish rules for games and gamers, settle their customer inquiries, monitor system performance, etc.

Horticom is a company engaged in the wholesale of horticultural and agricultural goods, and it has been active on the Estonian market already for more than 20 years. We designed an ordering environment of goods for Horticom, which is targeted at business customers.

The design process focused particularly on prototyping and user testing of different versions, which helped to learn about the users’ expectations for the new environment as early as possible.

Fitlap helps people eat healthy and lose weight. This year, Fitlap was selected as one of best startups out of four in Estonia by EstBAN (Estonian Business Angels Network). Fitlap’s team needed our help to improve their environment with regard to user experience and sales outcomes, as well as to achieve the objectives for entering into foreign markets.

Before designing a new environment, we analysed user behaviour in the available environment by using such tools as Google Analytics and Hotjar. This provided us with an excellent overview of how people use the portal on their computer, tablet, and mobile phone, and which features are well received by the users and which things need to be improved.

Interviews with the users and prototype testing helped us to quickly find out what the users like in the new design and what could be made better. is the largest portal for classified advertisements in Estonia. We contributed to modernising communication between buyers and sellers by creating a new design for the chat functionality. We also simplified the process of purchasing additional services for the users.  

Coop is one of the largest and most well-known players on the Estonian retail market. We helped to improve the customer experience of Coop self-service checkouts by testing the user-friendliness of smart checkouts and convenience by using eye-tracking technology with the customers. We carried out the project in cooperation with the media agency Initiative.

We also helped to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the online store of Coop by testing the user-friendliness of both Coop and its competitors with the users.

Aeromotors is an acclaimed leader on the Estonian market of car parts. We designed a new online store for Aeromotors, enabling it to enter into foreign markets. is the most popular real estate ad portal in Estonia. We designed a solution that helps portal users to determine their property value. It all functions like magic for users – the user enters his or her address, and smart programme calculates the approximate value of the corresponding real estate, considering the properties of real estate, competing ads, etc.

We also improved the user-friendliness of the portal by designing a functionality, which allows the user to see his or her previous searches of real estate – this way, the user does not have to repeat the same search, and he or she can conveniently see on the front page whether any new ads have been added with regard to the previously used keyword.

Website of the Estonian Parliament has several objectives. One of the most important is provide various target groups with information about the functions and legislation of the Estonian Parliament. The website is visited by lawyers, officials, members of the Estonian Parliament, teachers, pupils, and other target groups.  

We helped to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the website of the Riigikogu by analysing the behaviour of visitors, interviewing various target group users, and testing the user-friendliness of the website with them. is an official tourist information portal of Estonia, which is developed by Enterprise Estonia and visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists. Through the portal, tourist and accommodation establishments operating in Estonia can make themselves visible to visitors. 

With the survey on user-friendliness, we helped to make the entry of information faster and more convenient for tourist companies.

Ekspress Digital develops the portals of Ekspress Grupp AS: Delfi, Eesti PäevalehtMaaleht, etc. We helped them design new solutions and test these with the users.

Symantec is the world’s leading provider of cyber security software, and one of its best-known brands is Norton Antivirus.

We assisted the team of Symantec with prototyping and designing the new concept of the administration interface.

Through training, we made a significant contribution to creating user-friendly services. We had the honour to share our experiences with several institutions and companies: Tallink, Mooncascade, Ministry of Justice, Helmes, Websystems, Starman, etc.

It was a pleasure to see that feedback from the people who participated in training was very good. On a scale from 1–5, the efficiency factor of our training turned out to be 4.7.

Thank you all for a wonderful year!

Enjoy the New Year’s Eve and see you again next year!

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