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Sleep position determines your UX career

The worldwide study has confirmed that your sleep position will determine what kind of UX job suits you best. Here is a short summary from a study conducted by a research group lead by Dr Tsrif from the University of Lirpa.


Most probably you are best at UX analytics. Solving complex puzzles of data and making conclusions on what happened “back then”


You have a need to understand the user’s side. Side-sleepers are very often the ones who are on the “wrong” side when bringing insight from user studies to the organisation.


Your gut feeling is telling you what to do. You have an image in your mind how to design a perfect user flow that delights your users. This means you might be good at UX design.


It’s very seldom that the person who sleeps in this position becomes involved in UX. The reason is being too much in love with the product and therefore “knowing best” and not taking on any UX activities.

It’s April Fool’s Day! Don’t take the information above seriously 🙂

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