UX Estonia turned 6 years old!

UX Estonia is a UX/UI design and user research agency. Our goal is to meet business objectives by designing user-friendly products and services. We are very thankful for our wonderful clients and awesome projects we are being part of.

At UX Estonia we design portals, apps, self-service solutions, infosystems, web pages, e-shops, and other digital experiences.

The important part of our design work-flow is involving the end users in the design process to create services that really matter. 

Using analytics and big data is also a vital part of our work, especially in redesigning existing products and a/b testing conversion hacking ideas.

 We work with clients all around the world. 

To design a great user experience (UX) you need to know how users think and act. With our help, you can grow your business and make your customers happy.

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