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The most popular software for web and app design in Estonia is …

The results for 2017 are in. Let’s see what we found out by surveying web and app designers in Estonia. 

Compared to last year the TOP 3 are the same – Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Usage of InVison, Marvel App and Zeplin has more than doubled. We hope that this has helped designers, developers, project managers and other team members to communicate better. 

The new tools in town that designers are beginning to love are Adobe XD and Figma.

Adobe XD has a great potential to grow as it is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Adobe made a smart move a long time ago by offering all the great tools for a monthly flat fee. 

We see a bright future for Figma also as it solves a big problem for teams that have multiple designers working on the same project. Thanks to Figma designers can work on the same design in real-time. 

We also asked designers if there were any tools they would like to try out this year. 

InVision Studio is something new and exciting that most designers are looking for. To be honest, we are too. Unfortunately, it has not been publicly released yet. 

Framer is not so new tool on the block, but we see that more and more designers want to build interactive prototypes. Having a Framer skill on the resume is surely a big plus for every designer.

Check out other software that designers are excited about on the graph below. 

Some tools did not pass the 5% bar to be put on the chart, but still, we would like to share these with you. Maybe you will find something interesting to try out here. And yes, somebody is suggesting Microsoft Paint every year 🙂, Timeline for Sketch, Craft for Sketch, Meet Alva, Adobe Fireworks, Mobirise, Affinity Designer, Webflow, Gravit Designer, Vectr, Microsoft Paint, CorelDRAW, GIMP, InkScape, Abstract, Cinema 4D.

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